Services for psychologists before, during and after training

During and after my doctorate, I developed a strong interest in practitioner psychology training. Over the last 12 years, I have worked on selection panels and interview teams for clinical training, as well as taking a range of roles in clinical and counselling psychology doctoral programme teams.  Most recently I have worked as course leader and head of programmes for counselling psychology at Regent’s University London and programme external examiner for the doctorate in clinical psychology at Plymouth University. Alongside this, I set up metrotherapy in 2007, and until 2014, my colleagues and I provided personal therapy, supervision, consultancy, mock interviews and interview preparation workshops to graduate, trainee and newly-qualified clinical psychologists. Since 2014, I co-founded London Counselling Psychologists, which provided academic, research and clinical support to counselling psychologists at all stages in their careers.

At the present time, I am working independently, and I am happy to continue to offer all of the following services:

Personal therapy and clinical supervision

I am an experienced NHS and third-sector supervisor, and have supervised very many clinical and counselling psychology trainees in both clinical and research settings. In my private practice, I provide supervision and psychotherapy at my trainee rate of £65 per 50 minute session. I am trained in psychoanalysis as well as clinical and counselling psychology, and many trainee psychologists have come to me for supervision and therapy to help them bridge the gap between psychology and psychoanalysis. I am particularly interested in this kind of work, so do check out my page on supervision or contact me if you would like to know more.

Preparation to apply and interview for psychology doctoral training

I’ve interviewed over a hundred psychologists for training and jobs, and read several hundred more applications! Over this time, I have become skilled at troubleshooting unsuccessful applications, and providing targeted and customised feedback to enhance performance. My service is not simply ‘coaching to pass’, I provide detailed assessment and formulation of strengths and weaknesses, and guide you towards presenting yourself at your very best on applications and interviews. For those who feel new to, daunted by, or confused about training or job applications, I offer critiques of your form at the rate of £75 (including your choice of 30 minute face-to-face feedback session or e-mail feedback). I can also give feedback on your answers to past papers of selection tests for clinical training at similar rates; please contact me with your requirements.

A growing part of the work is offering targeted advice and consultation to applicants to clinical training who have previously been unsuccessful. To help with this, I have developed a new package to identify weaknesses in your skill set and experience, and help you remedy these. For £175, I will offer you an e-mail consultation to discuss your concerns, before I review your application to identify potential areas of intervention. Following discussion of these by e-mail, I will invite you to a 30 minute face-to-face mock interview formulated specifically for you, to interrogate your competence in these areas of concern. Following this, I will work with you in a 45 minute feedback and advice session, giving general impressions and specific competency-related suggestions for how to improve performance.

If you just need some interview practice, a mock interview and feedback session, customised to your particular requirements, is priced at £90 for 50 minutes (25 minutes interview and 25 minutes feedback – suited for a single focus: research, clinical or personal) and £130 for 90 minutes (45 minute mock interview and 45 minute feedback – suited for a deeper or wider coverage of areas).

Research support and supervision

Doctoral psychology training involves becoming a researcher as well as a practitioner. Literature reviews and proposals are arguably the most important and often the most daunting aspect of doctoral research for a new trainee! Is your search string finding thousands of papers or none? Are you struggling to convert your interests into a research question that is original, relevant and possible? It can be hard to turn your transcripts into a results chapter. How many themes should you have? How interpretive should the analysis be? How do you privilege your I-voice? I’m happy to read your analysis, suggest improvements and even sit with you while you battle with your themes or your grounded theory!

My preference is to work face-to-face on your thesis, so research supervision and consultation is available for £65 for 50 minutes** plus £7.50 reading time for each 1000 words [or part thereof] I read in advance of the session).

Mock viva practice and critique

Viva examinations can be anxiety-provoking and as the final hurdle between you and getting your qualification, you want them to go as well as they possibly can. The viva is meant to be a rigorous yet enjoyable experience and it is important that you are prepared. Given my experience of participating in viva examinations, I can assist you in preparing for this final challenge by offering you a mock experience of it to give you a sense of what to expect. Theses and portfolios vary in length between institutions, so I charge depending on the amount of research you want me to viva you on:

If your research thesis is 30,000 words or less, I charge £190 for a 45 minute viva and 45 minute feedback session; plus £130 for thesis reading time. You can add £90 for a second psychologist to make that viva even more realistic.

If your research thesis is more than 30,000 words, I charge £225 for a 60 minute viva and 60 minute feedback session; plus £165 for thesis reading time. You can add £130 for a second psychologist.

Thesis reading and critique of academic assignments

When completing your doctorate you will of course have the necessary supervisory support from your training institution. You may also find it useful to have an experienced supervisor and examiner cast their eye over your thesis or assignment to give helpful written feedback (as tracked changes) as supplementary support to your ongoing supervision. My fee is £14.95 per 1000 words* (or part thereof).

Group sessions

If you can get two or more people together, I’m happy to offer any of the above services to a small group, and tailor the sessions to your particular requirements. Contact me if you would like to discuss this in further detail.

To book any of the above services, please fill out the contact form and let me know your requirements. Remember that everyone tends to submit coursework and theses at similar times, so I ask that you contact me as soon as possible to allow me to reserve space for you in my diary. At particularly busy times, I may ask for a deposit to secure my availability. For critique on written work, if I am able to accommodate you, I will usually be able to provide the service you require in one month or less. If you’re in a hurry, ask me for my rapid two-week turnaround service. If I can do it for you, there is a 50% uplift to the fee in these cases. Payment by bank transfer is due when I receive your work.

*Please note that there is a minimum charge of £65 for all written feedback
**I find that 50 minute consultations are usually sufficient for pieces of work of 6,000 words or less; should you need to discuss longer pieces, or you would like a longer session, 90 minute sessions are available for £105.

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